What’s hot about sleep teaching? What’s NOT!?!

What’s HOT about sleep teaching and what’s NOT ?


  1. It is not so easy. It requires commitment, tears (your own too!) and takes time. But c’mon – doesn’t this describe your relationship with your partner? See, you got this!
  2. It can get derailed by a common cold! When did a cold ever break you down? NEVER. But a darn illness WILL get in the way once, twice and perhaps many times throughout your sleep teaching (and re-teaching journey).
  3. You WILL HAVE people telling you that you are doing it the wrong way. Tell them to come over for a night and fix it.
  4. You WILL have to RETEACH IT. As per #2, perhaps several times.


  1. You get more sleep. Therefore, you have more energy and ultimately are nicer to be around.
  2. There are plenty of resources out there to help you along the way. Keep it simple. Call me, I’ll help you! [plug, plug, plug!]
  3. You get more time to get things done in the evening (since you are not rocking a baby!)
  4. You may just make more time for your partner…which is why this list is about what’s HOT!!!
  5. Did I mention you get more sleep?!? 🙂 (forget #4, SLEEP!)

Sleep well,


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