Have late summer nights got you all messed up?

Late summer nights got you and your child sleep deprived?!

Whether it’s multiple night outs or just staying up past the usual bedtime over the summer months, it will catch up – to your kids and to you! I know it has with our family of late! Here are a few ideas to help ease the transition back to a healthy routine.

1. If possible, eat dinner a half hour earlier or half hour later for the next few days. This way your kids can still go outside either right after they are picked up or after dinner time. This helps to get you closer to your normal bedtime. Much of the extended bedtimes are due to kids being outside more and who wants to stop that!?

2. Ensure your child is on board. After dinner / play time, it’s bath time and then bed. Much of the negotiating starts around bath time so be sure to have the rules stated and agreed  to in advance. Get out that timer and use it if time limits on brushing etc. needs to be set. Checklists are great too if visual cues help your child.

3.  Use black out curtains (or garbage bags taped to the windows)! The extended hours of light into the evening motivates our children to stay up way later just ’cause it’s still light out.’ Heard that one before?

4. Don’t forget to make bedtime fun. You’re almost at the end of your day and if you’re like me, a little more crabby too. Engage your children, make reading fun and take the time during the bedtime routine to learn about their day and plan out the next!

Sleep well,


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2 thoughts on “Have late summer nights got you all messed up?

  • July 17, 2016 at 1:59 am

    Great tips and so relatable! Thanks Salima

    • August 2, 2016 at 8:28 pm

      Thanks Vanita! Much appreciated. Sorry for the late response!!


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