About Us

Meet Me! A mother of two girls and very, very passionate about sleep! Not only baby’s sleep but mom (and dad’s) sleep too! During the days of taking care of my first child, I had spent many nights sleeping on the nursing chair and driving around town to get her to sleep. Using that anguish as motivation, I had the passion to get it ‘right’ or at least ‘better’ for my second daughter. And I did. And then I started helping friends…and then friends of friends…and well, the rest is history!

A well rested child is healthy and happy. A well-rested mom is focused, happy and healthy too!

Why Choose GniteBaby?

In order to bring about successful change, I work to understand your needs, parenting styles and views.  Using a gentle approach, I appreciate the importance of the changes about to take place. I value your time and commitment to making change.

There are other sleep sites and companies that offer outstanding packages…but for outrageous prices too. We provide affordable options to help getting your child’s sleep issues resolved once and for all!

In less than 2 weeks, you will be feeling more confident, rested and focused – best for you and baby!

I also include a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied! Message me today for your FREE 15 minute consultation!

Sleep well,