5 Tips to Ensure a Sleep Through Night!

Use these 5 tips to ensure that you and your baby sleeps through the night!

  1. Dark Room: Sleep study after sleep study have shown this to have a profound effect on baby sleep. If you do not have black our curtains, tape garbage bags to your windows!
  2. Ensure room temperature between 20 -22.5 degrees celsius. I have talked to many parents who think having a warmer room is preferred; however, this is not the case. Your baby’s body temperature increases during the night and having a slightly cooler sleeping space makes it more comfortable for your little one to sleep.
  3. Put your baby down awake, but drowsy. Allowing your baby to self sooth teaches him/her how to sleep – hands down, the most important of these five tips!
  4. Use a white noise machine. A white noise machine helps teach your baby to sleep with some noise and not pin drop silence! This is reality – you shouldn’t have to tiptoe around your house after 8pm! Keep the noise machine outside the room. There have been recent studies showing the negative effects on hearing if the device is too loud and too close to the baby’s ears.
  5. Consistent day and bed time routines. Healthy sleep habits and enough food during the day will ensure a restful night sleep. Babies sleep best when they ‘know’ what will come next. Keeping it consistent means less time to regroup after ‘off’ days!

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