32% of toddlers kick up a fuss at bedtime: Does this sound familiar to you?

Does your child outright refuse to sleep? Do you sometimes wonder what ever happened to your sleep loving baby? Well, you’re not alone! Why does this happen? Toddlers are trying to express their distress at having to be away from you during the night and at the same time, are exercising their perceived right to say no to anything and everything! So if your toddler is a part of this 32% …here are some tips for you!

  1. Is your bedtime routine still effective? Most toddlers will do better with a structured routine at this age. Try perhaps to include in your routine something that your toddler looks forward to, such as if your toddler loves a particular toy and wants to take it to bed, make the toy  be a part of the routine. And remember, white noise machines and lullabies may no longer cut it.
  2. Does your child’s bedtime need adjusting? If your child is still taking a nap and it is ending after 4:00pm for example, then this could be contributing to the later sleep times. You can try moving the nap ahead by 15-20 minutes, losing it altogether or waking up your toddler after a 45 minute nap and definitely before 4pm! Use one of these options depending on how badly you think the nap is still needed.
  3. Master excuses sound familiar? Nip this in the bud early! Make a pre-tuck in checklist that both you and your toddler can refer to during the bedtime routine. Some parents find having visual cues for example: bedtime snack, brushing teeth, bedtime story, kiss goodnight to help their toddler know what is expected and coming next.
  4. Check your toddler’s room temperature and surroundings. Use black out curtains to keep the room dark. Your child’s room should be quiet and kept at a temperature that is cool but not cold. Also check your toddler’s pajamas for any annoying tags or itchy material.

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